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Our work culture

Everyone is an entrepreneur:
At iQuotient, each team member feels that he/she owns our collective vision and strives to do everything that it takes to make  our vision a reality.

Everyone is a learner:
Every team member starting from the top, goes through regular trainings to upskill themselves. As John F Kennedy as said “ Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

Everyone loves their work:
All iQuotient team members love what they do. They are in it for the sheer passion for what they are doing and not merely because  it is their job to do it. They eat, drink, breathe their work - and it shows in the quality of their output.

Everyone loves a challenge:
Throw a challenge at an iQuotient team member, and you have him/her tickled. They would not rest until they have racked their  own brains and those of the other team members and have found a unique and innovative solution.

Everyone wants to make a difference:
At iQuotient it is not about working on KRAs alone, it is about contributing and making an impact on your chosen  field of operation.

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