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Case Study 1:

Situation :

One of the large programs within a large BPO( > USD 1 Billion in revenues) was facing challenges in terms of meeting Tier 1 metrics mainly relating to Revenues, Costs and Customer Satisfaction with three subparameters under each of them. The situation became critical as their client clearly told them that if they could not get their results to improve within a short time, the contract renewal as well as expansion of the business was at risk.


iQuotient was mandated to deploy an intervention with 1st line and 2nd line supervisors order to improve the customer connection scores which was most critical to their client’s business.

Activities undertaken
iQuotient designed and implemented a comprehensive intervention to address the issues and deployed it over a workforce of about 400 agents.

For 8 consecutive weeks after deployment the results were higher than the highest that had been achieved over the past 12 months and they beat the world leaders in 2 of those 8 weeks by a substantial score. The most significant result at the end of the engagement was that the Team Leaders as well as the agents started believing that they could do it and the company then planned to deploy the methodology with the remaining metrics to improve their overall world wide ranking even further.


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