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Case Study 2:

The Organisation Development Cell of the India Operations of a US MNC ( > USD 1 Billion in revenues) which had set up operations 5 years ago, felt that though the company was doing well they could sense something more needed to be done to improve productivity

iQuotient was mandated to run a diagnostic study and present findings to Management and suggest what steps could be taken to consolidate leadership position

Activities undertaken

The result of the diagnostic showed that the US company had not taken into account India specific cultural and social factors of its revenue generating workforce. iQuotient created a 3 day pilot workshop for its Managers and Senior Managers. It also designed an instrument to measure participants on certain competencies, which was administered pre-workshop and post workshop. In addition, a three month long handholding and support workshop was rolled out for participants which was sensitive to our unique culture.

The results were so encouraging that the company asked iQuotient to create a program to roll out the intervention to all its 500 managers across India and also design a pilot program to be tested for its employees in US, North American and Asian operations.


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