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Case Study 3:

The India operations of one of the largest IT companies in the world wanted to take their 4-5 years experienced junior management to the next level in terms of certain competencies. They identified that current functional capabilities of these managers would constrain productivity and hence growth of the unit.

iQuotient was asked to identify competencies that needed improvement, and thereafter design and implement a training intervention to improve capabilities.

Activities undertaken

iQuotient performed a diagnostic study to identify performance issues. The team then designed a four day workshop to deal with the identified performance issues and conducted the same with 9 groups of 15 managers each.
To further support the client, iQuotient designed and implemented a 16 week program to handhold participants to acquire and institutionalise target behaviors


The company asked iQuotient to conduct a Train the Trainer program to create capability within the organisation to take this skill enhancement program forward.


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