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iQuotient Advantage

• More than a decade of training experience in upskilling professionals working in corporates
• Trained over 10,000 professionals across levels across industries
• Understand what is needed to succeed in the corporate world as a result of handholding companies to resolve burning    issues
• In-depth exposure to the pulse of the service industry due to multiple engagements across industries
• Experienced team with state of the art expertise
• Databank of real life examples created over 11 years of how learnings can be implemented
• Methodologies that are driven by clear milestones and inter-linked deliverables
• Collaborative approach with emphasis on knowledge transfer to client team
• Practical, action-oriented approach to addressing issues.
• Benefits of getting inputs from Professionals who are in touch with current best practices and offer state of the art   solutions
• Credibility in the corporate world in terms of delivering what we have promised

Our Clients

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