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Voice of Customer - Trainees

“ Thank you so much, that within 3 days we learnt so much, and you created that unity and belongingness to our company, our Client and our peers and managers. Thank you”
“ They ignited the passion, in fact, I'd like to rephrase myself - they fueled the fire that was almost on the verge of dying down”
“ You have helped bring the entire group together and created an environment that has changed the entire team to go back with immense amount of zeal to achieve what hasn't been achieved in the past.”
“ Everything about the program was amazing.The best Program I have been through Ever.”
“The most amazing journey the two of you have taken us through. The introspection in the last 3 days – truly unbelievable. Thank you for educating me.”
“Fantastic learning!…trainers went far beyond the call of duty…one of the best programs I have attended in my career”
“Trainers were humane & alive…not the usual subject matter delivery folks”
“ I was moved by the accuracy of assessment and what it depicted about me”
“ Awesome delivery and content…concrete action plans”
“ You have made people believe that each one of them can make a difference”
“It touched the inside of us…It touched every aspect of an individual in a people management role”

Voice of Customer - Clients

“.........The next three months saw the iQuotient team working ceaselessly night and day to design and deliver a series of training programs to train and coach the entire supervisory team and positively impacting all the frontline associates numbering approx 1000..... A review at the end of the three months of engagement clearly showed that the attrition levels had been brought down significantly, the employee satisfaction ratings had improved, and the associates were rating the supervisors very high on their coaching skills........ I would strongy recommend the iQuotient team to all those companies who are looking at training as a transformational tool to achieve their business goals.

Wishing them the very best.”
Sharad Talwar
Ex CEO, IndiaCan (a joint venture between Pearson and Educomp), Ex-Director Convergys India


I must say that I started with the usual reservations that one normally associates with external HR consultants wondering what and how much value you could bring in. However, it was brilliant, interesting, informative and most importantly relevant with plenty of information to take away and refer to as well.

With your help and guidance, we have been able to develop a clear HR Policy. You brought an innovative approach to working with a small but complex team, provoking the team members’ thoughts in a positive manner and encouraging them to walk an extra mile for the organisation. It was also great fun.

Personally and professionally, I believe, everyone walked away with a special message from you.

We will certainly carry forward our association in times to come.

Best Regards
(Ashutosh Sharma)
Executive Director – Mondragon India


The total dedication of the team to partner with us by studying our existing system thoroughly to understand the challenges even before they had put together the bid…

During the cascade rollout they were managing to train on an average20-30 diverse locations consisting of about 1000 participants weekly across 6 states simultaneously.

We appreciate the total dedication of the team that worked on the project. Their commitment to meet the end objectives in letter and spirit is laudable. They worked night and day till they had achieved the results. They never let obstacles delay any thing. We were happy on the Service level achievements front as well as they achieved and in many instances overachieved on the agreed parameters. The project was completed satisfactorily and on time.

Best Regards
(Gaurav Sharma)
Chief Operating Officer – PNB Metlife India Insurance Company Limited


“We got in touch with iQuotient to help us professionalize our systems and processes. We would like to share that it has been one of the best experiences for us wherein they helped us profile all our people and identified everyone’s strengths and areas of opportunities on one hand and created role descriptions on the other, to help us match the right person for the right job. Moving forward, as we grow, it would be clear to us what to expect from each role and hence it would be easy to manage performance in an objective and scientific manner. All the best to the iQuotient team”

Warm regards,
Sanjay K. Ratra
Mili Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


"iQuotient has left an indelible mark on our program with their concerted partnership in upskilling the coaching capabilities of Unit Managers, Operations Managers, Coaches and Support Managers to a different level........ the improvements in attrition, employee satisfaction and Tier 1 performance have had a big contributor from this intervention ..... clearly this intervention has surpassed expectations in not just the direct impact of coaching abilities on floor performance but also to the extent of this improvement within a finite timeframe.”

Arijit Basu, Director Convergys India


“For High Risk programs I only think of iQuotient…for regular low end programs we may consider other service providers”
Head Training Large MNC

“ I think the objectives of the training were achieved beyond planned. Thanks to you for a great start…We have got extremely good feedback from the participants. We are all set for repeats in Noida and Indore…”
Head Operations & Training Large IT company


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